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Current Work

IMERSE is partnering with local, regional, and national leaders to promote mental health knowledge and skills and support people experiencing mental health challenges.


Increasing Awareness and Access to
Inclusive, Quality and Affordable Mental Health Support  Services for Rural Communities in Eswatini

We are conducting mental health workshops for rural health workers and offering mental health promotion activities in rural communities in Eswatini.   These events are designed to help rural health workers identify common mental health issues at the community level, especially those affecting women, children and other vulnerable groups, provide a front-line response to mental health crises within their communities, develop effective self-care techniques and practice, and support self-help and support groups.


Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Hotline

In partnership with CANGO, IMERSE supports a mental health and psycho-social support hotline that offers individual counseling, screening for mental health challenges, and referral to appropriate services.

Current Work: What We Do
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