Goal 2: Improve the Coordination of existing mental health resources
Margaret Migayi, the Program Coordinator, giving a talk at Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) in Manzini.

We seek to improve the coordination of mental health resources,optimizing the use of specialists so that all people have access to mental health services, without significantly increasing the financial resources spent on mental health.

There are many actors that contribute to the mental health of an individual, whether they be formal mental health resources, such as psychiatric professionals, support groups, or other health professionals, or informal resources, such as teachers, police officers, religious leaders, community leaders, or family members. We seek to provide a platform to connect formal and informal mental health resources.

Current Activities
  • IMERSE is in discussions with a number of stakeholders on a project that will integrate mental health services at rural clinics.
  • IMERSE is working with key stakeholders to sensitize the public on the need for a mental health policy in Swaziland