Dumsani Mamba, Program Director: Dumsani joined IMERSE as an intern while completing his diploma in community nursing with a specialization in mental health. The internship involved working on the Healing through Art Project with Katie Fernelius, Manoj Kanagaraj, and Timothy Sandoe. Dumsani played a vital role in the Healing through Art project, assisting participants and helping faciliate a number of the trainings.

Dumsani also worked on the I Choose Life Peer Educator Project during his internship, and at the end of his internship, Dumsani was hired as IMERSE’s Programme Director. He has been vital to the development of the organization, working to open an organizational bank account, open an organizational office, and develop the Board of Directors. He has worked since July 2014 to expand the peer educator project. Additionally, he has been instrumental in developing the organization, and is involved a multiple roles within IMERSE.